Tuesday, December 21, 2021

THAT girl vs IT girl


-what is a that girl

a "that" girl is a girl who has her life put together, self care, organization etc., she has THE life, people envy her because she does not care of what others think because her life is a dream.

pros: promotes being the best you

cons: can pressure you to want and have everything just so you can be "that girl", you might feel like you need a certain, diet, house, grades and etc. if you want to be that girl. 

my op: "THAT girl" is so broad is subjective, what is considered to be "the life" or the "perfect life" can differ from person to person, so instead of trying to be "that girl" be the girl who wants to be and feel like her best self. which is basically the point of "that girl"

-what is an it girl

a girl that is considered to be sexy, but with an interesting personality, she gets along with everybody, she's popular, everyone wants to either date or be-friend her. she does have people who are jealous of her due to her popularity, likability and perceived attractive-ness

pros: you can have more friends

cons: the cons kind of out way the pros for this one. the it girl is placed under immense pressure to be perfect as she is easily replicable, ANYBODY can be an it girl, just be confident, dress well, wear clothes that MOST PEOPLE think you look good in (it doesnt matter if you dont like it), like the things everyone likes, be flirty and make people think they have a chance with you when you know they dont, be very selective with who you decide to date, make lots of friends, be as likable as possible, and boom soon enough you'll be an it girl. rising to the top is easy, KEEPING your place at the top is hard, because one mistake and your no longer an it girl, people forget about you or it becomes normal to hate you. and once your no longer at the top its really hard to make a comeback. heres the thing with it girls, no one cares that much about being an it girl, more then the it girl herself. all people notice is whats popular but they never look into why or how it became popular, they just know something is and just follow it, the people never realize that they are the ones picking the it girls. the it girls may pick out the next trend and have tons of people copy her, but the it girl would be nothing without her groupies, and without her fans to show everyone that she has IT no one will know, and if no one knows then she is not an it girl.

my op: the "it girl" sounds fun at first but its scary, its like being a celebrity, your replaceable, you need to make your mark and keep up appearances to be talked about, if people stop talking about you its like you never were anything, now your just forgotten

-whats the difference

the biggest difference is an "it" girl unlike a "that" girl NEEDS to care about what others think, she needs people to keep seeing that she has IT, however a "that" girl has her life put together, the perfect life so no matter what people say it wont dethrone her of "that" girl status because her life is a dream come true, people disliking her is not going to ruin her especially if she does not care and most of the time if not all the time, she doesnt.


its very easy to see why they are mixed up as their biggest similarity is pressure. the it girl feels pressure to keep being popular, the that girl feels pressure to keep her life has perfect as possible. taking these to extremes can be very bad for the person taking part.

but i personally think the "that" girl is clearly healthier as the cons are not as large as the "it" girl.

but yeah what do you guys think?

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